IMPCMAMAXIMIANVSPFAVG [IMP C M A MAXIMIANVS P F AVG]; bust r., rad., dr., with or without cuir., seen from rear.


VOT/XX in two lines in wreath.


MINTMARK VARIETY. Specimen similar to ROMA 77b except for absence of officina letter. See footnote 2 on p. 359:

"These common coins have been studied and recorded with insufficient care. It appears that there were examples (of which Vienna contains a number) without any officina-letter—a separate issue, or result of error in engraving ?".

Judging from quantity, "a separate issue" is far more probable than "error in engraving". Note, however, that this type could be also confused with TICINUM 38b without officina letter.


Fraction. Weight 3.42 g; diameter 22 mm. Coin sold on Numismatik Naumann auction 46 (lot 807) in September 2016 for EUR 75 (attributed to Ticinum).

Other specimens:

- from the Philippe Gysen Collection; weight 3.20 g [click for picture];

- sold on CGB Monnaies 31 (lot 566) in June 2007 for EUR 145 (attributed to Ticinum); weight 2.32 g; diameter 20.5 mm [click for picture];

- sold on Inasta E-Live Auction 85, day 1 (lot 536) in December 2019 for EUR 22; sold on CNG eAuction 486 (lot 729) in February 2021 for USD 60 (attributed to Ticinum); weight 3.53 g; diameter 20 mm [click for picture];

- sold on Thesaurus "Auriga" auction (lot 611) in November 2019 for EUR 20 (attributed to Ticinum); sold on Roma Numismatics eSale 107 (lot 1228) in March 2023 for GBP 45 (attributed to Ticinum); weight 2.90 g; diameter 21 mm [click for picture];

- sold on eBay in June 2018 for GBP 22 [lot of 2 coins] [click for picture];

- sold on Thesaurus "Idra" auction (lot 514) in December 2008 for EUR 80; weight 3.20 g [click for picture];

- sold on eBay in April 2022 for GBP 61.49; weight3.63 g; diameter 19.5-22.0 mm [click for picture];

- from London Auction Coins auction 49 (lot 265), February 2016 (attributed to Ticinum); weight 3.24 g; diameter 20 mm [click for picture];

- from Late Roman Bronze Coin Forum; posted by Victor; weight 2.60 g; diameter 20-21 mm [click for picture];

- from Steve Santore's collection [click for picture];

- from Ancient Imports, August 2007; weight 2.9 g; diameter 20.67 mm [click for picture];

- sold on eBay in October 2007 for USD 22.50; weight 2.85 g [click for picture].

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