RIC VI, TREVERI [after 790], CONSTANTIUS, UNLISTED ISSUE [quarter follis]



DIVOCONSTANTIOPIO [DIVO CONSTANTIO PIO]; bust r., laur., veiled, in imperial mantle, sometimes holding olive branch.


MEMORIAFELIX [MEMORIA FELIX]; lighted altar; on either side, eagle. PTR in exergue.


UNLISTED ISSUE. RIC lists similar follis [TREVERI 789] and half follis [TREVERI 790] but quarter follis is not attested. Listed in Zschucke BTP (p. 61, no. 8.2). See also CORRIGENDA, VOL. VI, p. 218 and another CORRIGENDA, VOL. VI, p. 218. Coin should be listed after TREVERI 790.


Quarter follis. Weight 1.45 g; diameter 16 mm. Coin sold on Münz Zentrum Rheinland auction 182 (lot 434) in September 2017 for EUR 98.

Other specimens:

- sold on CNG auction 72 (lot 1757) in June 2006 for USD 850 (described as half follis); weight 1.46 g [click for picture];

- from Zschucke BTP (p. 62, no. 8.2) [click for picture].

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